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1 Castle Mountain Rd

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Castle Mountain - a Legacy Property! Own 435 acres of Organic Farmland and Zen Forests and dozens of Fresh Water Springs that produce 20,000,000 Gallons of Spring Water annually. At 2800 feet above sea level, the Summit features incredible Sunrises and Sunsets looking out over an Ocean of Mountains. Enjoy 179-Mile Panoramic Views of the Catskills, Adirondacks, Berkshires, 5 Ski Mountains and Lakes; the Stamford Golf Course from the top of Castle Mountain.
Sedona AZ, Machu Picchu, Peru, the Great Pyramid of Giza and all ancient sacred monuments, temples, cathedrals, churches and government buildings were constructed over intersecting lines of electromagnetic energy known as Ley Lines. Castle Mountain has Ley Lines and is the quintessential spot to develop your Destination Spa Resort Hotel and Conference Center, Holistic Medical Healing Arts & Performance Arts Center, Organic Hemp or Veggie Farm, University or College, Corporate Headquarters, Temple, Church or Religious Resort using her unique telluric, vortex and triangulation energy. Any or all of these entities could be tied to a Mountain Top Development with the Grandfathered 80-Lot Subdivision already in place. Or you could build your own personal Free Energy Castle or Pyramid in the Sky.
Back in the 1920s, iron ore was discovered on Castle Mountain. The iron ore embedded in the crystalline mountain rock modulates her magnetic properties that are beautifully visible during lightning storms. Watch the video and see horizontal lightning over the top of Castle Mountain – an extremely rare occurrence, but not at Castle Mountain. This is due to the amazing telluric or Earth Chi from the magnetize iron and copper and intersecting ley lines transacting with the capacitance of the storm over the vortexes on top of Castle Mountain.
The Genius Loci, the spiritual entity of Castle Mountain, is healing. At daybreak and dusk the cosmos comes alive as you watch Heaven and Earth meet. You can observe and absorb Earth Chi, which is visible just above the horizon at Sunrise & Sunset.
The property features the HeadWaters of the Delaware River. 5 miles of Roads approved by the Town of Jefferson snake through and up to the top of the Mountain exposing beautiful views at each rung. With road infrastructure in place, a Grandfathered 80-Lot Subdivision approved by the Town of Jefferson and the County of Schoharie in 1987 allows for subdivision with only one requirement: present a survey of a property at a Planning Board/Public Hearing and that can be accomplished in as little as 45 days.
Enjoy skinny-dipping or diving from 10-foot high megaliths into crystal clear spring-fed waters. Although electricity is already on 3 sides of the property, with an average of 17-mile-per-hour winds, millions of dollars of electricity can be harvested with the construction of a Free-Energy Windmill to light-up your Development. A Deeded Right of Way Landing Strip 1 mile away is included where you can build runways, hangers for your planes, supply and fuel buildings and have your planes ready at all times.
There is a blue stone quarry that would provide bluestone for your project. You can’t buy 5-, 10- or 20-ton cut stone at Lowes. There are 3 red shale quarries that were used to build all the roads on Castle Mountain and are full of red stone for road building and driveways. There is a South-facing Megalithic Stone Waterfall entrance to Castle Mountain that is spring-fed and runs year-round creating electrostatic Chi to nourish the air and ambient environment.
Castle Mountain is a spiritual place to live, do business, heal, enjoy and connect with the Tao, Nature and God.

Plot Size:435.0 acre
MLS ID:201930288
Listing Date:2019-09-09