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Welcome to Kew Park! Seated on approximately 989 acres of lush, gently rolling green pastures on the Western edge of the Great River Valley, Kew Park offers scenic views and ample tranquility. It’s allure lies in it’s serenity yet rich and vibrant history and agriculture.
The property features two historic houses among other structures. The main house, Kew Park House is believed to have been initially constructed during the 1700s. However, with the original structure having been destroyed by fire in 1831, Kew Park House was rebuilt in 1856. The House overlooks the Great River Valley as well as an extensive front lawn/ garden area.
The second house, referred to as The Cottage, was built during the 1600s by the Spanish as an outpost/ fort. Both houses feature cut-stone foundations and walls, reminiscent of the period in which they were constructed. The Cottage includes an outdoor swimming pool and tennis court along with a former pimento storage building that is converted into a guest cottage.
Accordingly, Kew Park provides understated charm through it’s ties to the past as well as the present. A legacy steeped in cattle-rearing, Kew Park has been farming beef cattle for some 300 years. Over the years, the farming operations have been diversified to include pigs and chickens. Some 250 Jamaican Red Poll beef cattle, 500 free range layer and 1,000 free range broiler chickens call Kew Park home.
The landscape and infrastructure to support their maintenance include:
• 500 acres of established pastures
• 15,000 sq feet of layer houses
• 10 movable broiler coops
• 3 pig farms with water supplies, electricity and buildings
Believed to be home of one of the original number 11 mangoes that were brought to Jamaica from India, Kew Park currently boasts several orchards including the following:
• 15 acres of bearing Coconuts
• 3 acres of Lychee
• 5 acres of Ortanique
• 6 acres of Arabica coffee
The property also boasts lumber including Cedar, Broadleaf, Mahoe, Sweetwood, Santa Maria, Bitterwood, Bullet Tree and other native species. There are some 20 acres of planted Honduran Mahogany, Jamaican Mahogany, Colombian Cedar, which contribute to the viability of the property.
Controlled and sustainable harvesting of lumber each year results in 5,000-10,000 board feet of sawn lumber being sold.


Plot Size:989.0 acre

Listing Date:2022-05-17