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Puerto Aysen, AI, CLPuerto Aysén Palena

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Great Private island in Chilean Patagonia, Aysen Region of Chile, with a large area of 44.000 hectares never exploited, has a huge reserve of water, vegetation, and wildlife.
The Island has unique places and particular environments to be discovered that will allow you to carry out different activities always in contact with nature. The native flora and fauna, with freshwater reserves in rivers and lagoons. Highlighting two lakes, one of 7 km² and another of 4.5 km² approx.
Ancient virgin forests, standing out many larches. A lung for the Planet. The island is an oasis that provides the Earth with almost 44.000 hectares of native vegetation and fauna.
A large reservoir of freshwater with numerous rivers runs from the high peaks to the sea, where there are many virgin beaches.
The existence of wetlands and marshy meadows known as Mallines, where many bird species are found. Among the most representative, we see the eagle, the condor, the tukúquere, the black heron, among others.
In the species of mammal, the chingue, the wild cat, the pudu, the puma, the red fox, the nutria, and the huemul.
In today's times, a unique investment opportunity is a practically extinct asset globally, one of the last safe investment corners and an invaluable protection asset.


Plot Size:44000.0 acre

Listing Date:2020-08-11