Palazzo Surian Bellotto, Cannaregio, Venice, Italy,
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Palazzo Surian Bellotto, Cannaregio, Venice,...

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| Venice
“Piano Nobile” in a 17th Century Palazzo with an eminent baroque Façade and a large balcony made from Istria stone, overlooking the Canal of Cannaregio.
“Piano Nobile” in a 17th Century Palazzo styled by architect Giuseppe Sardi, situated between the Bridge of three Arches and the Guglie Bridge.
The apartment is spacious and well lit, and has typical Venetian finishes and furnishings, such as stuccoes, frescoes, luxurious wooden doors with marble frames, wide windows and Istrian stone balconies.
The entrance from the Fondamenta of Cannaregio is exclusive and has a stone staircase.
The building has a typical triple separated style, with a central “Portego” and two wings leading off in which there are three bedrooms, the kitchen and a dressing room. A section of the right wing has been lowered so as to create a mezzanine with kitchenette and a bathroom.
Whilst in good condition, the property requires a few minor upgrades.
The property is situated in a characteristic part of Venice, removed from the everyday touristic traffic but with plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants.
Two vaporetto stops, Crea and Tre Archi, are very close to the apartment.
Listing Date:2019-03-18