General Contractor

What does a general contractor do?

Updated March 24, 2022

In new-construction and renovation projects, the general contractor or GC is the point person for the work who supervises and hires the specialty contractors who are needed.

The general contractor, who is hired by the owner or the construction manager, can be one person or a construction company or developer who serves as the project manager for several clients.

A general contractor manages construction and building projects.Credit: Harald Matern/Pixabay

Although the general contractor’s duties can vary by project, common responsibilities include:

  • working directly with the owner
  • managing all aspects of the project
  • making sure the project is completed on time and on budget
  • solving problems in the field
  • hiring subcontractors and contracting with suppliers and vendors for products and services
  • providing equipment needed to complete the project
  • helping with demolition and cleanup

Although there are no federal licensing requirements for general contractors in the United States, most states require them to be licensed locally.

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