Gated Community

What is a gated community?

Updated March 24, 2022

A gated community is a group of homes with strictly controlled entrances—for both safety purposes as well as creating an air of exclusivity.

Oftentimes homes in a gated community will appear alike, with several different floor plans available to buyers.

In a gated community, a staffed guard booth or an automatic gate that requires a key card or remote control for entry restricts access, allowing only residents and their visitors to enter. Typically, this amenity is a signature of luxury developments and is financed through homeowner association dues.

A gated community offers exclusivity and security. Credit: Artistic Operations/Pixabay

There are several advantages of gated communities:

  • They provide additional security and safety by keeping out unauthorized motorists and pedestrians (especially useful for families). In certain areas and countries, safety concerns make gated communities all the more desirable
  • They give residents exclusive access to public spaces and amenities in the development, which can range from club houses to swimming pools.
  • They create a sense of community and exclusivity
  • Buyers who purchase in a gated community often know exactly what they're getting, since many of the houses are usually similar to one another
  • Gated communities tend to have newer construction homes

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